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The Unknown Authors Club amplifies the quiet voice of the unknown author through collaborative anthologies and no-nonsense publishing.

Founded by Jodi Cowles, Rachael Mitchell, and Leslee Stewart—three friends and aspiring authors who were unwilling to take “you need a bigger platform” as a reason for not getting published.

Together they created a safe harbor for unknown authors to be celebrated and published—regardless of their influencer status. Why? Because sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of.

Leslee Stewart

Rachael Mitchell

Jodi Cowles

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We are proud to be the publishing team behind these incredible titles and more books that are currently in the works.

Our catalog includes anthologies, narrative non-fiction, devotionals, fiction, and more.

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If you have a book (or even an idea for a book) but need help getting it published, put our straightforward, comprehensive publishing services to work for you, instead of the other way around.

We offer affordable publishing packages to suit your needs.

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What is The Unknown Authors Club?

The Unknown Authors Club is a social community and publishing agency designed to celebrate unknown authors regardless of their lack of influencer status.

Who is The Unknown Authors Club for?

The Unknown Authors Club exists for the writers. Those who dream of being published, but are tired of hearing, “Your platform isn’t big enough." It exists for those who want a way to share their stories with the world that doesn’t involve large platforms or TikTok dances. It’s for the dabbler and the regular blogger, the journaler and the free-time writer. Many have a dream for an audience to read and resonate with their words and ideas, and some just have a story to tell. Some are skilled, and some need a few more edits, but every unknown author, and their stories, are valued here whether they have mastered a TikTok dance or not.

Who runs The Unknown Authors Club?

It is run by three writers-turned-friends who were fed up with the current publishing requirements and wanted to be THE go-to platform and publishing agency for the unknown author. Leslee Stewart, Jodi Cowles and Rachael Mitchell collaborate and work hard for every author.

Where can I buy The Unknown Authors Club anthology?

You can purchase our book here.

Why should I publish with you instead of doing it myself?

Because we want to cheer you on and champion your project. Plus, we have a lot to offer in our publishing packages. From editing to formatting, marketing to promotion, we want to offer skill and support where you need it. Getting a book into the hands of your readers is not for the faint of heart, but with us in your corner you’ll be propelled forward with professionalism and encouragement.

Why do I have to apply to be published with you?

Because we want to publish high-quality writing. We also have specific genres we are looking for, and some we aren’t. Applying online sets up clear expectations from the get go so no one is wasting their time. Let us know about your project.

When will The Unknown Authors Club write another anthology?

We published anthologies featuring unknown authors in 2022 and 2023. Want to be a part of our next one? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the submission application opens.

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